What Happens On The First Visit

What happens on the first visit?

The first time I go to see a new client and their horse I try and make it a day when I have lots of time. I am never in a hurry when trimming and will always  give your horse time. On the first visit I will spend as much time as is needed explaining what I see when I look at your horses feet. I will go into as much detail as you want about any problems that I see.

I often ask, where possible, to see horses moving before and after I have trimmed. I like to do this to see just how your horse moves, not just to check for any lameness, but how willing, how bright he is. It is important to be aware of the horse’s overall health and not just fixate on the feet.

 However I do understand that it can sometimes be either not practical or safe to see horses move before and after their trim. 


 I will however always ask about how your horse is doing, whether you have been out riding, how your horse went, how your horse has been moving in the field, school, yard etc. I will be interested to know how your horse is doing, as this helps me build a picture of what is normal for your horse.

If your horse is shod I discuss removing shoes and when best to do so. I will also explain what to expect. Each horse is different and many things can  influence how your horse transitions