Welcome to the new home of Blue Moon Equine

We started Blue moon Equine several years ago. We sold rope training lines and halters and gave  advice on equine diet and supplements . We also advertised our barefoot trimming service. This has grown considerably and we feel it will better served by having its own web site 

We are very aware of just how big the decision to go barefoot is, and how confusing choosing the person to trust with your horses welfare can be.

In the friendly pages we aim to set out who we are, and what we do. We try to avoid getting too techinical, although as you will see we do elswhere.

Going Barefoot ?

If you have any questions about going barefoot just email or give me a call. If I can't help on the phone I can always arrange an assessment visit.

What happens on the first visit?

I always like to allow plenty of time for a first visit. I like to get to know your horse, I will always be interested in what you can tell me about your horse.


Some horses can take a little while to adapt to being without shoes. This is often due to unhealthy feet

This page is a quick reference guide to all the different parts of the foot 

Laminitis is a very large subject.

I have written a short guide to the types of laminitis that can affect your horse .

If you think your horse has acute lamintis you most call your vet for advice

(Click on picture for more details )          


The blog pages are a place where I talk about all things foot related and anything that I find interesting and relevent to our horses health Click the picture to have look