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  1. Are You Ready?

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    It's nearly time for the next talk in the Winter Series - Balance of Hoof and Horse.

    In the next talk in our winter series, I shall be looking at

    “what is a flat foot”

    “what is Navicular Syndrome”

    I will talk about balance and how this goes beyond the foot and is something we should see as affecting the whole horse.

    I will also talk about some of the things we often get wrong when trying to balance a horse’s feet correctly. I will show you how to look at the foot in a different way.

    Looking forward to seeing you all.



  2. Some Feedback from Tuesdays Talk

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    Hi Rebeccah

    I really found the talk last night very informative and interesting.

    I have a question are the talks just for barefoot horses?

    I very much want to learn about the structure of foot and conformation.


    Thanks Debbie 


    Hi Debbie 

    Lovely to meet you, I am glad you enjoyed the talk, Clive is very knowledgeable and really knows his subject.


    The talks are for everyone with horses, Clive is a barefoot trimmer and the room had several barefoot people and people who shoe too, everyone can learn and new science is coming out all the time to support how amazing the hoof actually is - I find it fascinating.

    As the talks develop I think it will become clear that managing the foot is also about environment, diet, workload and conformation, its never one dimensional. 


    Next time we will be looking at hoof balance so that will bring in hoof issues and how we can help manage them, conformation will play it's part, as we learnt last night if your horse has poor conformation it can often follow down to those all important feet.


    I hope that helps..? 


    And that you were warm enough! 


    Looking forward to seeing you next time. 





    Thanks for a very interesting and informative talk. It filled some of the many gaps in my knowledge and made various things a lot clearer. There is so much to learn about the feet and it's amazing how what seems so simple (like heel then toe on flat ground) can remain so confusing if you don't really study the reasons why. Then it seems obvious.